Where to Get Your Flight Records

Per Diem Calculations

This is a great deduction for crewmembers that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your tax return. For an accurate calculation of your meal expenses, please include your company provided flight reports as listed below. You may also complete the Per Diem Worksheet that follows or send us a copy of your logbook or other account of your flight information that includes: dates, block times and city information (see example entry for January below).

American Flight


Sequence History – on JetNet > Flight Service Website (click on wings icon on the upper left of your screen) > Tools & Links from Options on the left menu. Under Sabre help & links, select FA Sequence History. Select All for  (or year you want). Click “Get seq data”. You have the option to email the Sequence History to yourself or enter info@mytaxcrew.com to send it directly to us.

American Pilots

Monthly Pay Sheet Detail Reports – on JetNet, navigate to Epays. Please print in landscape orientation.


Monthly copies of your Pay Registers showing flight information available in MyCoAir > All about me.

Delta Flight


Monthly Activity Pay Summary (MAPS)- on DeltaNet > Employee Info > Self-Service > My Pay and Taxes > My Monthly Pay Activity Summary (MAPS)


Monthly Pilot Per Diem recap sheets – available in VIPS.


Monthly Schedule Detail Reports  - in CrewTrac..


Monthly Crew Time Reports  - in CrewTrac.


Monthly Crew Member Duty Report – in CRC Online > Crew My Pages.


Monthly Crew Time Reports


Monthly Flight Time Reports – are preferred, but we can also work with your Year-end Meal Expense Report.


Monthly Flight Payroll Registers

US Airways

Monthly Flight Reports – you only have access to 3 months at a time, so please be sure to download them regularly.

Virgin America

Monthly Flight Time Reports


Monthly Trip Detail Reports – in eCrew. Please print in landscape orientation.

Other airlines

Monthly reports of trips flown that your company provides you, logbook, or completed Per Diem Worksheet.

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