Second Look...Up to Three Years Back

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Free Review for Our Clients

Did you get your full legal tax refund last year? We’ll review your tax returns for the past three years to make sure you didn’t leave any money on the table. Our review process is completely free. Once we determine whether you are due an additional refund and what the amount is, you can decide whether you want to amend your tax return(s). Amending your prior year returns could net you additional refunds of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Common inaccuracies include:

Layover Meal Expenses

This deduction alone typically saves taxpayers hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to not claiming it. The best part is that you don’t need any receipts to prove this deduction to the IRS! Our exclusive Per Diem Reports calculate the maximum allowable deduction for your layover cities on the specific dates that you travelled to those cities and the report we provide you is all the proof you need in the event of an IRS audit. We’ve been calculating Per Diem Reports for over 25 years and have a 100% acceptance rate with IRS and state tax agencies.

Unreimbursed Employee Expenses

If you travel away from home for business, are you sure you are claiming all of your allowed expenses as tax deductions?

Earned Income Tax Credit

The EITC could be worth thousands of extra dollars to taxpayers, but it’s also one of the more often overlooked credits, because of the complicated IRS rules that apply to its calculation. It is also a refundable credit, which means even taxpayers with no tax liability (due to deductions and exemptions) qualify for it.

Education Credits/Deduction

Many taxpayers with post-secondary education costs qualify for the education deduction or one of the credits. Because of varying income limits, taxpayer qualification requirements and qualifying education expense parameters, claiming the best education credit or deduction can be complicated.


Our review is free, so contact us to get started. All we need is a copy of the federal and state tax returns that you already filed, your W-2s, your flight information for the year and any other deductions you didn’t claim on your original return. You can use our Tax Organizer to help you find deductions that you may have missed.


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